When I tell people that I'm an artist, they often ask if there's a website they can go to see my pieces*. I'm finally joining the 21st century and accommodating them. I plan to add photos of sculpture, paintings, and mosaics that I've done when I get quality photos taken, but for now there are only drawings, collages and oil pastels which is what I spend most of my time on.

I haven't included information about my education, exhibitions, or awards as I find resumes inconsequential. I rarely title my stuff, and on two occasions I've tried to convince museum curators to not include my name in exhibitions I was having, but they wouldn't allow it. The work is the only thing that matters to me. I don't seek out shows, but it seems that every couple of years one falls into my lap.

The video was made during a recent show that I had at the Fresno Art Museum and in it I explain some details you might be interested in about these pieces. Should you want to comment on the work or know something that I haven't explained in the video please email me using the contact page. Thanks for looking

*I've tried to display the images on the site as close to actual size as possible. Depending on your browser, some images may appear larger than the actual screen size. You can either zoom in and out using your browser's zoom settings or right click the image to open in a new window.